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Life as a Rolling Stone Intern

May 8, 2008

Rolling Stone Cover

It is my final week as an editorial intern at Rolling Stone and after spending a semester fighting with the copy machine and listening to wacky interviews on everything from Willie Nelson’s campaign against eating horses to Adam Levine’s list of the best songs to hook up to, I find myself getting a little sentimental. If you want a little taste of Rolling Stone life you will probably need to wander in the middle of a mosh pit full of sweaty stoners, but if that’s not your style, just read on…


A Day in the Life of a Rolling Stone Intern

“Here is a nine minute interview with Sporty Spice. It could be the most groundbreaking work of my entire career. Mick Jagger gave me an hour. Sporty gave me less than a tenth of that.”


This e-mail is just one example of the type of love letter that greets us as we arrive to start our day in the lowliest position that exists at a magazine: an intern. Few will be shocked to learn that what you saw on MTV’s portrayal of intern life at Rolling Stone was about as realistic as the girls from The Hills, but even though we don’t get invited to lingerie parties or DMX’s tour bus, we at least get to brag about the celebrities that pass through the offices every week…oh and also that we get to work at Rolling Stone.


Most of our time is spent transcribing interviews for the editors, researching for stories, and when the ADD kicks in, YouTubing videos of babies who crack up at the sound of paper tearing. Someone with a cruel sense of humor decided to station the intern desk directly outside of Jann Wenner’s office so that every mistake or mishap becomes even scarier when you realize the Editor-in-Chief might have just seen you dump your salad on your lap as you scrambled to take down a message.


Last week someone arrived with so many bodyguards we were sure it was Obama in there amidst the sea of muscle. But when I heard the Us Weekly people getting excited about the mystery celebrity, I knew something was wrong. Turns out it was P Diddy amidst the entourage.


Celebrity sightings are a weekly occurrence but after a few appearances (Sheryl Crow, Santana, Counting Crows) we realized that the leftover food is the real reason to get excited. The magazine hosts luncheons for the celebs and there are always untouched platters of gourmet sandwiches and other treats left over. Yes, we are unpaid and have very little pride.